The best nightlife in Alicante

Alicante is known as having some of the best nightlife.  puerto. Car Hire AlicanteThe city offers a selection of entertainment, nightclubs, pubs and bars scattered around town, to satisfy all tastes.

 El Puerto is especially known as having a very lively nightlife and attracts many tourists who want to have a good night out.

 The chiringuitos on the Postiguet and San Juan beaches host some of the best parties during the summer. The area of Esplanada is more popular during the summer the Barrio. Car Hire Alicantemonths, but also caters for a complex range of musical tastes.

 El Barrio is known for its fantastic nightlife and narrow lanes, which are filled with a variety of bars.

Bars and clubs usually open at 11:00 pm and close around 4:00 – 5:00 am, providing plenty of time for everyone to enjoy the nightlife that Alicante has to offer.

 La Mission: Three floors of this club, definitelymision. Car Hire Alicante a place where one can party to the latest dance hits, till the early hours in the morning.

 This bar is ideal for a chilled out evening and serves some of the best cocktails in the city.

 La Havana: This is one of the biggest and modern clubs in the city, pumping out the very best dance music. This stays open till 6:00 am making it ideal for those who want to party all night long.

 This is a typical Irish Pub, the music played here is House.

 It also has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

 Ay Carmela: is a popular club in the port area, which plays thay carmela. Car Hire Alicantee very best of Spanish music, as well as some European hits.

  This bar may be slightly more on the expensive side but plays the very best of funk and house music and also hosts several live performances.

 Z Club: Both local and international DJs play some interesting music here. The club mostly plays house and techno tunes. Six bars, the club and a casino make the ‘Z Club’.

 El Portal Taberna & Wines:  is a modern Spanish cocktail bar. It offers a variety of Spanish food, local wines and excellent house cocktails. cafe epoca. Car Hire ALicanteSit and relax for a while, in restaurant and enjoy the food and drink.

 Café Epoca: The bar is designed in a French manner with red walls and dark wood interiors. One of its interesting decorations includes sketches by Aubrey Beardsley. At this bar one can enjoy all types of strong drinks and cocktails.

Shopping in Alicante

In recent years, Alicante has grown so the quantity & quality of its retail outlets.

You will find something for everybody, from international labels to local crafts, in designer stores, department stores and even outdoors.

Locally produced products, of a quality that is internationally shoping. Car Hire Alicanterecognized, are the most popular purchases.

About food, we recommend the fish and vegetable preserves, olives stuffed with anchovies, chocolates, dates, sugared almonds and nougats. About  the drinks, the wines, anisettes and fruit liqueurs.

Leather items include clothing for men and women, accessories, shoes, bags, wallets, belts, etc.

Alicante Shopping is also famous for its rugs, toys and dolls, as well as for its 100% handcrafted pottery and basketwork items.


 El Corte Ingles’, Spain’s enormous department store chain iOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAs located in a Maisonnave. There you will find just about everything. There is one at each end of the street, they sell different products. One sells household items and has a supermarket area and the other sells mainly fashion products and jeweller.

The main shopping  Rambla de Mendez street and   Maisonnave Avenue, as well as their surrounding streets are the most notorious areas featuring designer clothes and much more.

 Shopping Center Plaza Mar 

One of the newest shopping centres’ built in Alicante, is the Plazamar 2. Situated in the centre of Alicante, one can find countless products and opportunities at this mall. With its 162m2 of built-up space, all your shopping can be done under one plaza mar2. Car Hire Alicanteroof. All major brands, stores dedicated to sports, cosmetics and hairdressing, jewellery, optical, home furnishings and pet products are available at Plazamar 2. In addition, there are several restaurants and 16 movie theatres for entertainment purposes. This is located in a great spot, close to the popular Postiguet beach, and therefore is an ideal shopping centre for tourists.


This large shopping centre does not only offer a range of shops, but also acts as a leisure centre. There are many different entertaining events scheduled throughout the week for children. Additionally, there are several restaurants and cafes inside which are handy if you want to take a break from shopping.

 Alicante also has a large mall. The Panoramic Mall  is located near the harbour with a large variety of stores. In addition the mall offers a beautiful view of the harbour area.

 There are many department stores brands that stay open until 9.00pm: Zara, Springfield  and Mango.

Markets in Alicante

Artisan Market and agro ecological Arrels in San Juan de Alicante

Ecological and artisan market where you will find seasonal organic vegetables, grown on our land and directly offered by producers, as well as products mArtisan Market . Car Hire Alicanteade by local and organic ingredients.

All products have the certificate of the platform, ensuring that it is a local product, seasonal, direct marketing and organic production. You can find in addition to fruits and vegetables, bread, sweets, prepared food, wine, beer, oil…

This way, you can make your purchase knowing that you consume the best quality products, assisting in the development of our land.

 ”De la Luz” Market in San Juan de Alicante

The first Saturday of each month, takes place in San Juan, the “MercadoMercado de la Luz in San Juan. Car Hire Alicante de La Luz”, a space for contemporary craft and design, next to the visitors in an enabling environment for creativity Alicante.

Besides the different unique craft stalls, jewellery, fashion, baking,  live music by guitarist Julian Sexton and Group Azahar Quorum.

Children also have their place in the market, where various free craft workshops are developed.

In summer, lanterns and candles illuminate the entire market where you can get a snack .

Cool Craft Market, Independent Design Market in Alicante the Cigar.

Are held the third Saturday of each month in the garden of the Cigar.

Independent Design Market. Car Hire ALICANTEThe first market Independent Design Alicante. A space designed to promote art and design and Alicante where designers, crafters and entrepreneurs across the province can advertise and exhibit their work.

The Cool Craft Market you will not only acquire “works of art”, in each issue of market workshops DIY will be held at low cost, that will give you ideas and help you to develop your skills.

 The Central Market  in avenue Alfonso. It is open Monday to Friday 7:00-14:30, and Saturday 7:30-15:00. For the freshest fish get there early but it also sells fruit, vegetables, cheese and meats. On Sunday mornings, stamp collectors and antique enthusiasts congregate in the flea market held in the Town Hall square. The Esplanade is the ideal place to purchase arts and crafts, leatherwork and costume jewellery from street stalls, which spring up during the summer only.

Adventure sports in Alicante

The areas surrounding the city of Alicante, also provide the ideal setting for Liking and adventure Sports.

 A great way to discover the people and places of the interior of the province of Alicante is through hiking. Suitable for all audiences, which enables you to enjoy a unsurpciclovia. Car Hire Alicanteassed way different sites of the Alicante geography. There are many government initiatives that encourage and facilitate this practice, for example:

 Ciclovia Alicante is roads in the city put at the service of the public to practice sports and recreational activities. Some of its goals are to: offer a free space to use for leisure pursuits such as physical activity and recreation; reduce environment pollution and noise levels; recover streets for people to get together; encourage people to practice healthy living habits; contribute to the fight against chronic diseases through the promotion of physical activity; and generate values of public coexistence, including democratic values such as tolerance, respect and peace.

 Tramuntana Adventure takes all kinds of outdoor activities: hiking, canyoning, via ferrata, climbing, caving, multi  courses …  We adapt the activities to tramuntana. Car Hire Alicantecustomer needs either for a bachelor, a birthday, a group of friends or a company , and adjust both time, and number of persons or place of realization.

 All our activities include liability insurance, accident, specific material and specialized instructors.

 Singles Vacations is the project of two friends travel enthusiasts and adventure, looking to be the benchmark of leisure for those without a partner, single, separated, widowed or just want to travel alone.

SINGLES Alicante. Car Hire AlicanteSINGLES Alicante. Car Hire Alicante They travel long distances and stay-one day to dive down a ravine or simply sharing a meal with new people.

Travel together to help people with the same interests and that unitamalur. Car Hire Alicantey is strength.

In Amalur is specialists in providing a form of creative, healthy and entertainment for the whole family. Direct contact with nature and animals are the basis for creating an environment in which everyone can enjoy experiencing new sensations.

 In Turiguías want to join us to discover the history, curiosities; legends … Enjoy authentic and different neighbourhoods. Our favourite lines are: “I did not know that.” and “I never imagined that this was in Alicante”.turistguia. Car Hire Alicante

We offer guided tours, literary tours and sightseeing trips. No matter if you come alone or in groups. turistguia. Car Hire Alicanteturistguia. Car Hire Alicante

They are usually pretty cheap deals you can engage a large number of people and where attractive routes from the different corners of Alicante are proposed: from walks through the main Alicante a saw, among other routes.

Alicante sports

Due to its great climate, Alicante is the perfect destination for visitors seeking to play outdoor sports such as golf, water sports, tennis etc… all year round. There is a wide selection of golf courses including the fine 18-hole courses Alicante golf, located igolf courses. Car Hire Alicanten San Juan Beach, and El Plantío, near Alicante airport. There are also another three 18-hole courses located very near to the city.

The wide range of sports facilities available in Alicante has enabled the city to host major sporting events:

  • Host city for the Euro Basket 2007qualifiers.
  • Base port for the 2002 and 2007 outings of the Tall Ships Race (previously The Cutty Sark).
  • Semi-final of the Davis Cup 2004.

 Alicante Golf was opened in 1998 in a ceremony led by Severiano Ballesteros. It is a 72-par course that includes six par-three holes, six par-four holes and six par-five holes, meaning that no two consecutive holes are played with the same par in any one round.

Aquanaut Diving Centre – Alicante:Centro de buceo Aquanaut - Car Hire Alicante

It is staffed by a professional team with extensive experience in the field of recreational diving company. In order to develop the diving as fashionable activity for all ages. In AQUANAUT have a facility with more than 180m2, located in Alicante New Fishing Dock. Designee and equipped with latest generation material and quality.

Specialist stores. A classroom equipped for lectures, seminars and symposia.  • Two complete costumes.  • charging station authorized with latest generation compressor.  • Storage area and drying of diving equipment.  • Area for rinsing equipment after each dive.  • Mooring area a few meters from the centre, which facilitates loading and unloading of equipment.  • Parking in front of the dive centre.Volvo Ocean Race. Car Hire Alicante

Thanks to the success of the start of the Volvo Ocean Race a worldwide regatta, in October 2008, it was confirmed that the city would be hosting the beginning of the next three editions of this important sailing competition, in the years 2011, 2014 and 2017.

 Bike ride with Critical Mass Alicante

Critical Mass is an open group that meets once a month, to take a bike ride through the city Alicante. The common goal is to claim the bicycle as a valid andMasa Crítica Alicante. Car Hire Alicante respected transport.

 ”Use the bike every day and celebrate it once a month.”

- October to March: first Saturday of each month at 12.00 h. Plaza de Toros.

 - April to September: first Friday of each month at 20.00 h. Plaza de Toros.