Beaches of Alicante.

El Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteCala Cantalar in Cabo de las Huertas – Alicante Cala Cantalar in Cabo de las Huertas -Car Hire Alicante

La Cala Cantalar is a few meters from Camino del Faro. It is noted for its natural environment and its rocky composition. Has an area of ​​100 meters long and 6 meters wide. Definitely a small shelter where to be in complete sync with nature.

Access: Car and bus (line 22).

 The beach of San Juan is the best known of Alicante. With an area of ​​7 km, is an open sandy beach that runs from Cabo de las Huertas to El Campbell.

 It has a long promenade, with a variety of craft stalls. IThe beach of San Juan.Car hire Alicanten your environment, many amenities, shops, restaurants and bars. Nearby is also the leisure Alicante Golf.

 Playing sports such as windsurfing and kite surfing is very common, and recently has opened a bike lane for cyclists and skaters can enjoy the sport by the sea.

 Services: rental umbrellas and hammocks, boxes, car parking, cleaning services, play areas, rescue and footbaths.

 Access: Car, car (L1 and L3), bus (lines 21, 22)

 Albufereta Beach – Alicante

 AlbuferetaBeach is midway between Alicante and Playa de San Juan. It’s a beach of fine golden sand about 500 meters long, calm waters.Albufereta Beach -  Car Hire Alicante

 There are many facilities in the vicinity a few meters away is the Club Náutico Alicante.

 Its promenade has recently been remodelled, with shaded areas and rest alternating with games for children.

 Services: recreational sports, floating platform, wheelchair access, housekeeping, play areas, boardwalk, rescue service, footbaths.

 Access: Car, car (L3 and L4), bus (lines 09, 21, and 22)

 Carabassí beach in Elche – Alicante Carabassi Beach.Car Hire Alicante

Located at the foot of the mountain CarabassíBeach is a pristine golden beach and clear water of about 1 km. length. Its location in the natural landscape of dunes, marshes and low vegetation make this beach a haven.

Considered ecological protection area, is suitable for nudists.

Services: Car sunshades and loungers, boxes, car parking, cleaning services, rescue and footbaths. Access: Car (Arenales del Sol) and bus (line-Santa Pola Alicante)

The Lighthouse of Cabo de San Antonio Javea El Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire Alicante

El Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteThe Cape of San Antonio, which is located in the Natural PaEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire Alicanterk of faro the San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteMontgó.El Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire Alicante

El Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro: located about 170 meters high. It is located in a privileged position from which we can see to the north the town of Denia and the Gulf of Valencia and south bay of Javea.El Faro del Cabo de San Antonio.Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire AlicanteEl Faro del Cabo de San Antonio. Car Hire Alicante

San Antonio is steep, rocky and rough, has a great natural and immense biodiversity. It was declared a Marine Reserve in 1993. At the end of the line, at the top of the lighthouse is located.

San Antonio is an amazing viewpoint. Enjoy a superb panoramic view of the coast of Javea and Denia.

Beaches of Alicante Province.

Sheltered by its bay and by the fortified hill of Mount Benacantil, which rises almost kissing the Mediterranean’s waters, Alicante grew up showing its face to the sea. It is difficult to find a city, with the service of Alicante, offering such a wide and different internationally acknowledged top level and quality beach offer.

 L’Esparrelló Beach in Villajoyosa – Alicante

 Cala sand and gravel  L'Esparrelló Beach in Villajoyosa - Car Hire Alicante

 This small cove of crystalline waters at the foot of a cliff, and exclusive access to walk confers a marked exclusive.

This is a unique a place for lovers of diving, fishing and quietness, suitable for nudism. A little paradise in La Vila to enjoy sunbathing and sea.

 Access: Walk (drive to the Playa de la Caleta)

 La Caleta Beach in Villajoyosa – Alicante

 La Caleta is the perfect place to enjoy.La Caleta Beach in Villajoyosa - Car Hire Alicante

 This beach is 160 meters long and 30 meters wide. The composition of stones keeps this beach clean of seaweed.

 Services: accessible beach, footbaths, rental of umbrellas and sun beds, yachts rental, kiosks and cleaning services.

 It is easily accessible on foot and its proximity to a parking .It is located away from the urban area, which makes this beach an ideal spot to escape the bustle of the city.

Olla Beach in Altea – Alicante

Gravel beach, has about 1 km in length and about 10 m. wide.Olla Beach. Car hire Alicante

 It is a semi-urban beach with calm waters, in summer you can rent small boats and catamarans and surfboards.

 Mid-August is the meeting point for thousands of people who will enjoy El Castle de l’Olla , a show of fireworks and music held annually night closest to the feast of San Lorenzo Sabbath.

 Services: Boat hire, cleaning services, foot showers, toilets, rescue service.

Levante Beach in Benidorm – Alicante

Fine sand beach.

The Levante beach is one not to miss.  Two kilometres in length are more than adequate for all activities that take place in it, as the practice of water skiing, Beach Levante, Benidorm. Car Hire Alicantejet skis, parasailing, scuba diving…

 Its location in the centre of Benidorm makes this beach one of the most tumultuous and busy in the summer. It is well connected, plus easy parking nearby.

 Services: Car sunshades and hammocks, Kiosks, cleaning services, play areas, rescue and showers.

The small Tabarca archipelago in Alicante

 The small Tabarca archipelago is made up of the main island, known as Flat, and the islets known as The Quarry, the Galley and the Vessel and many reefs.

The coast line is cut out, made up by small cliffs of short height, with beaches with pebbles at their base. The only sandy beach is on the isthmus.Tabarca. Car Hire Alicante

 In 1337 the Council of Elche, the island belonged to that district at that time, was allowed to build a tower to watch out the coast since there was a permanent menace of pirates who used the island as an operation base. Between 1766 and 1775, following an order by King Carlos III, a project was carried out to build a fortified town on the island. The island was fortified with walls, batteries, castles and bulwarks and, furthermore, houses, military quarters, stables, underground vaults, a church, governor’s house, washing place with cisterns to collect rain water, a warehouse for esparto plants, tavern, bakery and other services for lime and plaster and last but not least a dry dock.Isla de Tabarca. Car Hire Alicante

 The whole Tabarca archipelago fulfils a number of conditions making it worthy of special interest. On one hand, we have its geological, biological and ecological characteristics, its isolation and state of preservation, which favour the existence of very interesting land sea eco-systems. On the other hand, its town planning as a fortified village is one of the scarce examples of military architecture on the Spanish coast and we must add the many archaeological sites found here.

In Tabarca sea waters are very clear, with an effectively lighted depth between 22, 5 and 47, 5 meters in depth. This allows plants to live much deeper and, therefore, biological communities are very fertile. In 1983, Alicante City Council ordered an ecological study on the island’s maritime environment. Conclusions stated that it would be of the utmost convenience to create a maritime reserve in order to preserve fauna and maritime flora in the area. It would also serve as restocking in benefit of the ecological wealth of neighbouring waters.Tabarca. Car Hire Alicante

 Tabarca boasts attractive historic resort architecture worth visiting. 1964 was declared a Historic-Artistic. Therefore, Tabarca is a coveted tourist destination.

 Tabarca is one of the largest islands in the Valencia Community, with an area of ​​1800 by 500 meters. You can access it through the catamarans from Alicante or Santa Pola.

 Its crystal clear waters encourage them to dive in, inviting you to enjoy one of the most beautiful underwater locations.

 Services: rental umbrellas and deck cleaning services and rescue services in summer.

Calpe is famous for its history and culture.

The Peñon of Ifach, clean and quiet beaches, beautiful coves, high cliffs, valleys and mountain that overlook the sea, a pleasant climate, warn and friendly treatment of its people… pure Mediterranean. It is an open city to the tourism that blends with the fishing village, proud of its past. It’s smell of the sea, the soft sand of its beaches, the typical sailor streets, and the majestic.

  • Calpe is an ancient fishing port full of culture and history.El Peñón de Ifach. Caple. Car Hire
  • The Peñon de Ifach a huge rock that looks like Gibraltar is one of Calpe’s most famous landmarks. It is a nature reserve with a wide range of birds and plants.
  • Museum of Archaeology is the place for exhibits of excavations from in and around Calpe. A colourful collection of elaborated fiesta costumes that was worn by the Moors and Christians chiefs and their ladies can be found in the Festival museum.
  • The footprint of ancient civilization are present in the archaeological ruins of the Iberians, Los Baños de la Reina dating back to the Roman period, or the Vila Ifac founded in s.XIII. Today, Calpe maintains the Torreó de la Peça, the picturesque arable and the old church, which contrast with the cultural centre Jaume Pastor ITorreó de la Peca, Calpe. Car Hire Fluixá or the geometric building designed by architect Ricardo Bofill.
  • Besides the marine character of Calpe it can also be found in the traditional port and La lonja which hosts one of the most attractive and visited activities: the fish auction using these products to develop dishes like “la llauna” or the “arròs del senyoret”
  • Calpe offers a wide variety of all types of accommodation for the traveller of today. All from apartment rentals to large modern hotels.
  • The airport of El Altet (Alicante) and Manises (Valencia) located at 76 and 135km respectively from Calpe can connect with the main capitals through national and International flights. Road communications is the main AP-7 (exits 63 and 64) and the N-332. Also you can arrive by train from Alicante or Denia through the narrow Fiestas de Calpe. Car Hirerailway and the regular bus service, with wide schedule, Calp links with the cities of Valencia, Alicante, Madrid and Barcelona.
  • A mere half hour drive from Calpe towards the north lays the VergelSafari Park.
  • There are many local fiestas held in Calpe throughout the year. Not to forget the Fiestas de moros y cristianos, en Calpe. Car HireGerman October fest. There a various big Spanish fiestas during the summer: San Juan the 24th of June. Virgen Del Carmen the 16th of July and many more. The streets become a riot of colour and the stage for a musical show of bands, processions, parades and fireworks.

La Vila Joiosa a town full of colors

Blue, green, red, yellow, orange, violet… the whole chromatic range you may imagine is present at La Vila. As if it was an impressionist painting, the village is full of colors and joy at any moment of the year.

Located in the South eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, the bright light smoothes the Vilajoiosa, casco antiguo. Car Hirerich façades of vivid colors fishermen used to paint, trying to distinguish them when they were working at the sea.

  • With beaches for everyone’s taste, of white sand or stones, coves and privileged places to enjoy everything visitors may wish. Beautiful sunsets take care of the sea, which is a source of life, food and events forplaya Vilajoiosa. Car Hire all the locals.
  • La Vila Joisosa owns a culture based both on the importance of its history (as proven by the recent archaeological excavations and its EthnographicMuseum or the rich examples of its fortress-churches of Levantine Gothic style or the wall in the old town) and the avant-garde of its new buildings. A never endings source of knowledge on its forefathers, from the Iberian tribes to nowadays with clear examples like the local police station or theMuralla de Vilajoiosa. Car Hire Auditorium. Close of them, the Finca La Barbera dels Aragonés, the military stonewall defending the old town from the Renaissance period, are singular constructions that never will disappoint visitors.
  • Where the ancestral cultural may be best seen is in the ArchaeologicalMuseum, containing pieces of large beauty and relevance.
  • Everything is transformed at the end of June, and becomes an indispensable element of pleasure: shows, parades, swords and scimitars, gauzes and tulle, cross and half moon and above all, the impressive Moorish”Desembarco“at daybreak enrich this memorable place.
  • With the brand name “La vila Gastronómica ” well consolidated at national level, thecaldero de vilajoiosa. Car Hire savoir faire of the professionals and the rich raw material – fish, seafood, vegetables and meat-give the village a unpaired richness in which the chocolate plays a predominant role, both within gastronomy  and the industry.
  • The Municipal Swimming Pool is also a good place for practicing sports, like swimming or aqua gym.
  • The sport premises of la Vila are the best proof that sports is a crucial activity andCampo de Rugby. Villajoiosa. Care Hire reaches a high level, like with the professional football or rugby teams or with internationally famous athletes like Marta Baldó or Maisa Lloret.