Alicante’s economy

Alicante is one of the fastest-growing cities in Spain. Its economy is based upon tourism from the beaches and from the construction boom which began towards the end of the 90’s. But on a much smaller scale also play a role in the economy the agriculture, wine production, services and administration.economy Alicante. Car Hire Alicante

 In the late 20th century and early 21st Alicante’s construction boom century has raised many environmental concerns, and governmental bodies have been under scrutiny by the European Union. Recent developments in the global economy (2008) have caused far more serious concerns for those who have chosen to live the Spanish dream. Many builders have gone into liquidation and have left a high number of overseas purchasers homeless. Many expatriate the U.K.  are struggling to survive with the Pound Sterling plummeting against the Euro and mortgages are becoming harder to pay off. It will take a considerable amount of time for expatriates to get back on their feet.

universidad. Car Hire Alicante Alicante’s provincial economy is strong, ranking as Spain’s fourth largest province in terms of its Gross Domestic Product and number of inhabitants, plus its highly active University. These strengths have given rise to a well-consolidated tradition in the field of organizing congresses, conventions and professional meetings of all kinds.

 The city is prospering and growing rapidly.  Known as the ‘The City of Light’ its which means light. Apart from this, there is plenty of local, with hospitality and cordiality rating high, plus a multifaceted entertainment and cultural line-up that attracts people to this city throughout the year.

aeropuerto. Car Hire ALicante Alicante is home to one of the largest film studios in Europe – Crodajes. Car Hire ALicanteiudad de la Luz.

aeropuerto. Car Hire ALicanteaeropuerto. Car Hire ALicanteMany famous Spanish and International films have been shot there.

aeropuerto. Car Hire ALicanteaeropuerto. Car Hire ALicante aeropuerto. Car Hire ALicanteAlicante offers good transports. Its airport has connections to all parts of Spain and aeropuerto. Car Hire ALicanteEurope. In addition, the city has a bus station and a central train station that offers daily connections to Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona and Seville. Bus Services cover virtually every part of Spain.

Exhibition in Alicante.Part2

Exposure Novíssim @ s in the City of Alicante  exposiciones. Car Hire ALicante

Every year, students of the workshop “The Art of Black and White”, her analog photographs in black and white made in the laboratory of our University Headquarters.

 The exhibition, which opens on January 13 at 20:15, will run until February 6.

Exposure Joguets. A century of history in Alicante Toy House in Badin

The House Badin, will host  the presentation of this publication that delves into the origins and evolution of this object from the first dolls, of the late nineteenth century to the present sophistication, through the toys wartime.

Titled Joguets. A century of history Toy in Alicante , the publication discusses the various aspects of the manufacturing, production and processing which is specifically focused on three populations: Dénia and wooden toy, Ibi evolved from the product to the manufacture of tinplate all kinds of toys and Onil municipality that has historically been dedicated to making dolls.

The book also includes chapters on twelve aspects as its educational and entertainment value, the role AIJU-technological center of reference in the field of children’s products-as well as the history of advertising linked to this industry. The most emblematic companies that have operated in the province, as famous or Paya, a personal view of its history and the legacy left by past, present and future generations or a review by the Museu dels Joguets of Denia, the Valencian Museum Ibi Toy and Doll Museum Onil complete content offering publication.

The edition of this copy is complete with a presentation on antique toys from local museums Ibi, Onil and Dénia. The exhibition, which opens with the presentation of the magazine Canelobre, can be visited in the Bardín House to Feb. 23.

Painting Exhibition at the turn of the century MUBAG Alicante

 The Valencian painting of the nineteenth century occupied a prominent position in the Spanish, art scene especially significant during the turn of the century, although its importance continued well into the twentieth century. How could it be otherwise, the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia maintains an extensive collection of paintings of that period, known to many as the “Silver Age of Valencian art.”

This exhibition aims to extend some of these funds, recently reorganized its exposure to the public, the rest of Valencia, also in this case establishing a dialogue with the MUBAG permanent, dedicated to the nineteenth century.

For this, the exhibition includes a selection of paintings by such masters as Joaquin Agrasot, Muñoz DEGRAIN, Francisco Domingo, Ignacio Pinney, Emilio Sala, and Joaquin Sorolla’s Benlliure, among others.

Exhibition in Alicante. Part1

 Creative Calendar Exhibition at the School of Art and Design in Alicante

 StudentsGraphicDesignSchool of Art and Design Alicante (EASDA), were responsibleCalendario de ferias. Car Hire  Alicante for opening the first exhibition of the year, with the work done since the subject of Graphic Design 3: Packaging. In it, they have made a creative schedule in 3D, based on concepts such as key dates, weather or habits and customs of each month.

 Exposure Nothing M ª Dolores Mullah in Fish Market

The series of exhibitions “last Art. 21 days” that develops in the municipal hall of the Fish focuses on the recent work of Maria Dolores Mullah.Exposición Nada. Car Hire Alicante

The exhibition shows works on canvas and cotton thread, plus installations, video and pictures.  Exposure titled The Nothing, which means something like a full stop to start again with more verve, according to the author.

The exhibition will last until February 2

 Photographic Exhibition Canícula, Cheo Díez, Fnac Boulevard in Alicante

” Cheo Díez (Sevilla 1968) portrays a difficult decision,  theme rExposición fotográfica. Car Hire ALicanteepresented by photographs, with a condensed visual language, where a light and heat that suffocates us to see reflected.

Cheo speaks through your photos. While observing, we need a little stroll under the blinding light and searing heat, that your pictures because we explain to perfection. There is little more to tell.

 Exhibition Between heaven and earth. Landscapes in the MUA collection

The Museum of the University of Alicante has among its main objectives to study and disseminate the art funds that account. That is why since 2005 have conducted more than a dozen exhibitions in which the collection is reinterpreted from technical teaching thematic criteria, materials.R. Xaloc Lounge. Car Hire Alicante

Exhibition proposal for 2014 have been selected twenty works, taking as reference the landscape and emphasizing, the diversity of languages with which they have approached the artists in the collection of the nature and the city.

They are works ranging from classic landscape, abstraction and formal research more determined, in the most vibrant and light industrial and decaying cityscape nature of the representation of the stars and the cosmos to the tracks atmospheric phenomena, leave at ground level, the conceptual translation of the city’s self-portrait to landscape as emotions and feelings. A compendium of worldviews where creators share their gaze with the viewer through the painting, printmaking, collage, photography or video.

Traditional festivities in Alicante

Just about every week a Fiesta will be happening in one of the city’s corners. Light, powder, fire, satire, tradition… Few cities can say they live “in fiesta”.

THE PILGRIMAGE OF THE HOLY VISAGE (SANTA FAZ): The parish of the Holy Face is a very attractive place that is only about 5 miles from Alicante. It belongs to the municipalities of San Juan de Alicante and Alicante. Two Thursdays after Holy Thursday.  The pilgrimage takes place during one day.LA PEREGRINACIÓN DE SANTA FAZ. Car Hire Alicante

Alicante remains empty during this day and leaves on a pilgrimage to the Holy Visage Monastery.

 Route: The procession starts from the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Alicante about eight o’clock in the morning. After about two hours of walking the path comes to an end.

Arrival at the Monastery: Monastery once reached is the ecclesiastical council and the Pilgrims queue and are entering slowly. There the celebration of a mass takes place.santa faz. Car Hire Alicante

We have one of the most important pilgrimages in the Community of Valencia. From early pilgrims begin to march dressed in comfortable clothes and the traditional canes carrying with him a bouquet of rosemary on one end.  Nevertheless, some have to keep their “promises” and walk barefoot the five km long distance. There is a feeling rooted in the tradition of Alicante, the veneration of the relic of the Holy of Christ, which   is kept in the Monastery. This area attracts visitors mainly for its religious and cultural interest. Tens of thousand of pilgrims gather whether it is cold or warm. Don’t miss out, at least once in your life, being a part of this collective pilgrimage.

HOLY WEEK: A full week of parades awaits you. A heritage matching any other you’ll find in Spain. Over all, there is a feeling that we carry something which is ours. From the palms of “Palm Sunday” to the encounter of Our Lady “of Joy ” witsant thurday.Car Hire Alicanteh the Resuscitated Christ. In between, be present at the ascent of the “Dark One”, the majestic descent from anta Cruz and the magnificent “Paso” of the “Last Supper”. There are more “brotherhoods” summing up twenty-seven and thousand of people on procession throughout the official itinerary .There is over fifty “pasos” of processions carrying floats or effigies. Whilst the city, once again, receives thousand of visitors who integrate in our city as if they were our lifelong neighbours and they always decide to come back…over and over again.

Marina Baixa the comarca in the Valencian Community.

Marina Baixa is a comarca in the Valencian Community, Spain. It is bordered by the comarques of Comtat on the northwest, Marina Alta on the northeast, Alacantí and Alcoià on the west and the Mediterranean Sea on the east.Serra Aitana.Car Hire

  • The Serra d’Aitana whose highest peak soars to 1,500 m.
  • The local fauna is composed by eagles, hawks, crows, blackbirds, swallows, foxes, wildcats, wild boars and a lot of smaller animals.
  • The terrain is calcareous, so the landscape shows impressive caves and natural archways and fountains.
  • Benidorm is entertainment central. The options for fun are endless and cover all ages: the parks, shops, restaurants, music, dance…
  • Altea is an artistic retreat of winding streets and cobbled squares, the indigo dome of its church gleaming like a beacon of bygone times.
  • The traditional houses in Villajoyosa are colourful. Breathe in the sweet scent and the salty sea air.Vilajoiosa, casco antiguo. Car Hire
  • Nestling in the shelter of Puig Campana peak, the perched houses of Finestrat gaze out across its cove to sea. Part inland village. Part coastal town.
  • At the foot of the SerraGeladaMountain, the sea laps soothingly at the shingled shore of L’Alfas Del Pi beneath the reassuring guidance of the Faro del Albir lighthouse.
  • Tucked away between the mountains, the town of Castle Guadalest opens up like acastell de Guadalest picture book as you approach. Up, above, the ruins of the Almohad Castle of San José lie salient as old bones upon the rock.
  • White on green, an ancient wash house stands above the town of La Nucia with is houses of stone wrought iron and aged timber.
  • In Callosa d’en Sarrià, the lands of medlar trees, water crashes down the Fuentes Del Algar falls, wild and clear.