Alicante between marches and arquebuses.

SAINT JOHN’S BONFIRE:  It isn’t about making a flame. The Bonfires of Saint John is a popular festival celebrated around Saint John’s day’s eve (23 June) throughout many cities and towns in Spain; the largest one takes place in Alicante, where it is considered the most important festival in the city.San Juan. Car Hire ALicante

 For this festival, people gather together and create large bonfires from any kind of wood, such as old furniture, and share hot chocolate while teens and children jump over the fires.

 Recently acknowledged as one of Europe’s best fiestas, the “Fogueres de Sant Joan” have all the ingredients necessary for a unique experience. You’ll be surrounded by warmth, colours and sensations.hoguerassanjuan.Car Hire Alicante

You must simply come to Alicante when summer begins and get filled with sensations, musical sounds, thundering powder, beautiful women, eternal fireworks and nights when streets are lived. You will, for sure, integrate as another Alicantinian and walk restlessly through its streets.San Juan. Car Hire ALicanteSan Juan. Car Hire ALicanteSan Juan. Car Hire ALicanteSan Juan. Car Hire ALicante

Once declared as National Touristic Interest, and later as International Touristic Interest, today Alicante Bonfires are, besides, Official Celebrations of the city of Alicante.

 The Moors and Christians is a set of festival activities which are celebrated in many towns and cities of Spain, mainly in the southern Valencia Communitmoors and christians. Car Hire Alicantey. According to popular tradition the festivals commemorate the battles, combats and fights between Moors and Christians during the period known as Reconquista.

The people that take part in the festival are usually enlisted in filaes . The festivals last for several days. Christians wear fur, metallic helmets, and armour, fire loud harquebusiers, and ride horses. In contrast, Moors wear ancient Arab costumes, carry scimitars, and ride real camels or elephants. The festival develops among shots of gunpowder, medieval music, and fireworks, and ends with the Christians winning a simulated battle around a castle.

The main fiesta in the province has its own unique version in the capital city. It is held in five different district of the city. It starts in El Pamoors and christians. Car Hire Alicantelamó in March, carries on Sant Blas in July. In summer it arrives to the country district of El Rebolledo in July and to the district of Altozano and José Antonio both in August. After these five fiestas, it will be the celebration of Alicante’s patron saint, Saint Nicholas of Bari, on December, 6 where the very best representation parades throughout the centre of Alicante in its consolidated Moors and Christians Entrance.

Traditional festivities in Alicante

Just about every week a Fiesta will be happening in one of the city’s corners. Light, powder, fire, satire, tradition… Few cities can say they live “in fiesta”.

THE PILGRIMAGE OF THE HOLY VISAGE (SANTA FAZ): The parish of the Holy Face is a very attractive place that is only about 5 miles from Alicante. It belongs to the municipalities of San Juan de Alicante and Alicante. Two Thursdays after Holy Thursday.  The pilgrimage takes place during one day.LA PEREGRINACIÓN DE SANTA FAZ. Car Hire Alicante

Alicante remains empty during this day and leaves on a pilgrimage to the Holy Visage Monastery.

 Route: The procession starts from the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Alicante about eight o’clock in the morning. After about two hours of walking the path comes to an end.

Arrival at the Monastery: Monastery once reached is the ecclesiastical council and the Pilgrims queue and are entering slowly. There the celebration of a mass takes place.santa faz. Car Hire Alicante

We have one of the most important pilgrimages in the Community of Valencia. From early pilgrims begin to march dressed in comfortable clothes and the traditional canes carrying with him a bouquet of rosemary on one end.  Nevertheless, some have to keep their “promises” and walk barefoot the five km long distance. There is a feeling rooted in the tradition of Alicante, the veneration of the relic of the Holy of Christ, which   is kept in the Monastery. This area attracts visitors mainly for its religious and cultural interest. Tens of thousand of pilgrims gather whether it is cold or warm. Don’t miss out, at least once in your life, being a part of this collective pilgrimage.

HOLY WEEK: A full week of parades awaits you. A heritage matching any other you’ll find in Spain. Over all, there is a feeling that we carry something which is ours. From the palms of “Palm Sunday” to the encounter of Our Lady “of Joy ” witsant thurday.Car Hire Alicanteh the Resuscitated Christ. In between, be present at the ascent of the “Dark One”, the majestic descent from anta Cruz and the magnificent “Paso” of the “Last Supper”. There are more “brotherhoods” summing up twenty-seven and thousand of people on procession throughout the official itinerary .There is over fifty “pasos” of processions carrying floats or effigies. Whilst the city, once again, receives thousand of visitors who integrate in our city as if they were our lifelong neighbours and they always decide to come back…over and over again.

traditional festivals in Alicante

Fiestas de San Nicolás de Bari in Alicante Fiestas de San Nicolás de Bari . Car Hire Alicante

The December 5 Alicante celebrates its patron saint San Nicolas de Bari. It does so in a very special way, with the blessing and presentation of children to their image in the Cathedral of Alicante. Another of the most important events of this festival are the morning of the 6th solemn Mass and the traditional procession with the image of the pattern of Alicante.

Alicante Carnival, enjoy

Every year you have a unique, fun and full of colour in the city of Alicante appointment. We refer to the Carnival or Carnestoltes celebrated with great enthusiasm in the whole province, flooding the streets with joy and festivity.Carnival. Car Hire Alicante

Carnivals of Alicante are characterized by a full week of music, costumes, pageants, parades, activities and workshops, festivals, exhibitions, mass participation of the people and the joy of the visitors. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the friendly atmosphere provided by this festival and also enjoy the cuisine and the attractions of the town.

 Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi

Arts, entertainment and much more at the fair of St. Cecilia

La Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi takes place from 16 to 18 November. Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi. Car Hire Alicante

Here’s the Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi, an ideal place to enjoy a great programming and also visit the city and learn about its food.

Every year in mid-November, the town of Ibi back to the middle Ages filling the streets of shows, music, theatre and crafts.

During the three-day festival will have a variety of activities for all ages. And that’s not all, you also have fun with a big musical parades, falconry shows, theatre, children’s workshops, demonstration of old crafts and amusement park.Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi. Car Hire Alicante

Medieval Marquet: The Plaça de la Palla. Located on the main streets of the historic centre of the city. It will find all kinds of craft stalls and handmade food.  During travel can enjoy a lively atmosphere accompanied by theatrical and musical performances.

Traditional fiestas alicante province

Celebrations of the coming of the Virgin in Elche

Celebrations of the coming of the Virgin in Elche.Representation of the discovery of the Ark of the Virgin.CarHireALICANTE

Religious activities, events and activities.

In honour of the coming of the Virgin is celebrated every year from 26 to 30 December, during which various events and celebrations are held.

Offering flowers: on Thursday December 27, at the end of the Holy Mass in the Basilica of Santa Maria in memory of the deceased Ilicitanos Absent, the offering of flowers takes place in the chapel of the Virgin.

Representation of the discovery of the Ark of the Virgin: on Friday December 28, at 7 am, on the beach of Santa Pola Tamarit representation of finding the Ark of the Virgin.

 Major Festivals Patron of Benidorm

 The festivities of Benidorm render honour to the Virgin of Suffrage and St. James the Apostle, both patrons of the resort. They are the most important celebrations in the city and take place from the second Saturday in November until the following Wednesday. The festival, which lasts for five intense days, ends with a spectacular firework display.desfile de carrozas fiestas patronales benidorm 2012

 During those days the streets of Benidorm are groomed with bouquets and floral walls true. There are all kinds of events and aimed at all ages, from live music on every corner, evening concerts in the Auditorium Park L ‘Aïguera , fishing tournaments, cultural events, theatre and outdoor performances, workshops and parties for the little ones, to parades and processions.

The staging of the Finding of the Virgin of Suffrage: takes place on Saturday from 17 hours in the Playa de Poniente. This event commemorates the arrival of the image of the Virgin to the municipality and gives meaning to the major festivals. Wood carving will covered by a blue mantle with gold accents and is accompanied from the beach to the square opposite the church of San Jaime.

 Major Festivals Patron of L’Alfas Del Pi

 Are the major festivals in honour of the Most Holy, Christ the Good Success and are held from 7 to 10 November. This is a very important celebration in the province of Alicante. In addition to religious services, there is also a large leisure anMajor Festivals Patron of L'Alfas Del Pid fun festive program with remarkable activities such as the great parade Humour, correfocs, mascletás and firework displays.

 Parade Humour: multicolour great ride that floods the streets of the town. Tends to start in the House of Culture.

Floral Offering Day and Correfocs: Floral Offering to the Holy Christ of the Good Success has output the Cultural arrival to the Church of San José.

Restaurants in Alicante Province. Part1

Juana Romero House meals- AlicanteR. Juana. Car Hire Alicante

In the centre of Alicante, a cosy place where you can find dishes spoon lifetime.

Each day, a different dish for 5.50 Euros: Beef stew, lentil, chickpea stew, meatballs in sauce, ruleras crumbs, rice, couscous and Madrid stew that removes the sense. If you prefer, you also prepare you to take him home and enjoy the authentic home cooking, without having to light the fire.

El Portal Taberna & Wines – AlicanteEL PORTAL TABERNA, ALICANTE

The Portal offers a fusion of classic and avant-garde, such as cuisine with traditional tapas bar and casual atmosphere with innovation and imagination in dishes and presentations.

The Portal’s specialty is the cuisine; it has a varied cuisine, which ranges from tapas bar, elaborate and creative menus daily, weekend or tasting, and a letter evolving in projecting rice.

 Strawberries and Chocolate Restaurant

Strawberries and Chocolate offers a cosmopolitan, beautiful and cozy place to enjoy alone or with a small letter but very tasty food, quality, originality and value. They also have wine, dessert, coffee or cocktails.

It has magic. The elegance and style of this restaurant iR. fresas cholocate. Car Hire Alicantes reflected in every corner, giving it a bohemian feel and making it a perfect place to meet friends or romantic evening’s space. Undoubtedly, Strawberries and Chocolate is already a favourite and most recommended restaurant in town, a place foodie and suggestive, as its name. Well located, friendly and close treatments, travelling exhibitions and a letter of authentic Mediterranean cuisine from fresh produce bought daily in the Central Market, and also now have a sommelier to advise, explain and teach you about their wines winery.

Do not miss this place because it’s a treat for all the senses!

 Coffee Concert 16 – AlicanteCoffee Concert 16 . Car Hire  Alicante

 The best food in the best environment Place of the Stars.

Besides offering the best drinks and a varied program of music and live performances, monologues and sports broadcasts in Concert Café 16 can enjoy the best cuisine by Chef Salvador Hernandez Forte.

 Rice Master and winner of a Michelin star restaurant,  with her Riberet Bocairent, With a varied menu  in the Mediterranean and market cuisine predominates, rice has special importance, such as rice with pork and vegetables from the orchard or rice Alicante rabbit and foie .