Markets in Alicante

Artisan Market and agro ecological Arrels in San Juan de Alicante

Ecological and artisan market where you will find seasonal organic vegetables, grown on our land and directly offered by producers, as well as products mArtisan Market . Car Hire Alicanteade by local and organic ingredients.

All products have the certificate of the platform, ensuring that it is a local product, seasonal, direct marketing and organic production. You can find in addition to fruits and vegetables, bread, sweets, prepared food, wine, beer, oil…

This way, you can make your purchase knowing that you consume the best quality products, assisting in the development of our land.

 ”De la Luz” Market in San Juan de Alicante

The first Saturday of each month, takes place in San Juan, the “MercadoMercado de la Luz in San Juan. Car Hire Alicante de La Luz”, a space for contemporary craft and design, next to the visitors in an enabling environment for creativity Alicante.

Besides the different unique craft stalls, jewellery, fashion, baking,  live music by guitarist Julian Sexton and Group Azahar Quorum.

Children also have their place in the market, where various free craft workshops are developed.

In summer, lanterns and candles illuminate the entire market where you can get a snack .

Cool Craft Market, Independent Design Market in Alicante the Cigar.

Are held the third Saturday of each month in the garden of the Cigar.

Independent Design Market. Car Hire ALICANTEThe first market Independent Design Alicante. A space designed to promote art and design and Alicante where designers, crafters and entrepreneurs across the province can advertise and exhibit their work.

The Cool Craft Market you will not only acquire “works of art”, in each issue of market workshops DIY will be held at low cost, that will give you ideas and help you to develop your skills.

 The Central Market  in avenue Alfonso. It is open Monday to Friday 7:00-14:30, and Saturday 7:30-15:00. For the freshest fish get there early but it also sells fruit, vegetables, cheese and meats. On Sunday mornings, stamp collectors and antique enthusiasts congregate in the flea market held in the Town Hall square. The Esplanade is the ideal place to purchase arts and crafts, leatherwork and costume jewellery from street stalls, which spring up during the summer only.

traditional festivals in Alicante

Fiestas de San Nicolás de Bari in Alicante Fiestas de San Nicolás de Bari . Car Hire Alicante

The December 5 Alicante celebrates its patron saint San Nicolas de Bari. It does so in a very special way, with the blessing and presentation of children to their image in the Cathedral of Alicante. Another of the most important events of this festival are the morning of the 6th solemn Mass and the traditional procession with the image of the pattern of Alicante.

Alicante Carnival, enjoy

Every year you have a unique, fun and full of colour in the city of Alicante appointment. We refer to the Carnival or Carnestoltes celebrated with great enthusiasm in the whole province, flooding the streets with joy and festivity.Carnival. Car Hire Alicante

Carnivals of Alicante are characterized by a full week of music, costumes, pageants, parades, activities and workshops, festivals, exhibitions, mass participation of the people and the joy of the visitors. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the friendly atmosphere provided by this festival and also enjoy the cuisine and the attractions of the town.

 Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi

Arts, entertainment and much more at the fair of St. Cecilia

La Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi takes place from 16 to 18 November. Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi. Car Hire Alicante

Here’s the Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi, an ideal place to enjoy a great programming and also visit the city and learn about its food.

Every year in mid-November, the town of Ibi back to the middle Ages filling the streets of shows, music, theatre and crafts.

During the three-day festival will have a variety of activities for all ages. And that’s not all, you also have fun with a big musical parades, falconry shows, theatre, children’s workshops, demonstration of old crafts and amusement park.Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi. Car Hire Alicante

Medieval Marquet: The Plaça de la Palla. Located on the main streets of the historic centre of the city. It will find all kinds of craft stalls and handmade food.  During travel can enjoy a lively atmosphere accompanied by theatrical and musical performances.

Dénia famous for the beauty

With excellent mild weather which averages 20ºC all year round, Dénia is famous for the beauty of its landscapes and natural environments, cuisine, festive holidays and outdoor sports activities.

  • The walking tunnel under the impressive castle from the 16th century which dominates the town from a height of 58 Torre de Gerro, Denia. Car Hire
  • Visit the Tower of Gerro. A lookout post from the 17th century.
  • Discover the traditional Neighbourhoods: the fishermen’s neighbourhood of “Baix la Mar”, the Historical City Centre and Les Roques district.
  • The area north of the city called “Las Marinas” has over 14km of lovely sandy beaches.
  • In the south “Las Rotas” area features a sandy followed by breath-taking rocky coves whose crystalline water has been declared a Marine Reserve.Montgó. Denia.- Car Hire
  • Mt.Montgó, which has been declared a NaturalPark, has an altitude of 753m and over 650 plants species. Its hiking routes invite you to explore its spectacular landscapes, caves and its peak.
  • Dénia features up to four Yacht Dock facilities! The Local Marina, “El Portet” the Royal Yacht Club and the Marina of Dénia. Has a very important harbour with ferry terminal serving ferries to Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera.
  • Is served by the Valencia airport and the Alicante airport. Aprox. 1 hour drive
  • Has a very important harbour with ferry terminal serving to Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca and Formentera.
  • Its sea breezes are ideal for Windsurfing and kite surfing, especially at LesDevesesBeachReserva Marina del Cabo de San Antonio. denia. Car Hire
  • Explore the aquatic Marine Reserve of Cabo San Antonio, a protected zone with priceless ecological value. A special permit is required for scuba diving with oxygen thanks.
  • Sailing, Canoeing and Rowing have become very popular sports due to the infrastructures and services provided by Dénia’s ports
  • Into the mountains you will be able to visit the Moorish fortress of Guadalest. Wonderful Arab architecture from the year of 715.
  • Taste Dénia’s exquisite red shrimp, its seafood rice dish called “arroz a Banda” as Gastronomia de Denia. Car Hire.well as a wide variety of garden vegetables, fresh fish and local seafood which provide delicious combinations.
  • Dénia’s extensive natural resources provide wonderful options to devote your free time in numerous activities such as hiking, tourist bicycle routes, golf…
  • Dénia  celebrates many holidays all year roundBous a la mar, Denia. Car Hire:
    1. The Fallas Festival from 16th to 19th of Mach.
    2. Festa Major (1st fortnight of July). Parade floats, concerts and the famous “Bous a la Mar” a festival with national tourist interest.
    3. Moors and Cristians, from 14th to 16th of August. Sea landings, gala parades and fireworks.

L’Alfàs Del Pi, it’s beautiful

One of the most spectacular places in L’Alfàs Del pi is without doubt its coastline. The racó de l’Albir is located inside the Altea bay area, between the slopes of Serra Gelada and the impressive ifach rock.

  • There are 8 fiestas in Alfas Del Pi every year. The largest on is the Feast of the holy La Casa de Cultura. l'Alfas del pi. Car HireChrist during 7th to the 10th of November. At this time you will find the streets packed with music, dance, processions and cavalcades. Do not miss out on the spectacular fireworks. The Casa de Cultura hosts the international film festival the first week of July. In October a major jazz festival takes place. For other concerts and activities during your stay the best place to get information is the local tourist office. During the summer you will find entertainment live music in the local restaurants and bars. The 19th of March is the date for the celebration of the fest of San Jose.
  • Its excellent athletic track has recently been renovated with the same surface used in pista atletismo. l'Alfas del Pi. Car Hirevarious Olympic stadiums such as Beijing, Berlin and Barcelona. The sports centre also offers various football fields grass, an indoor pavilion and a cricket and golf practice course.
  • L’ Alfàs Del Pi offers a complete network of cultural areas and spaces, open and alive scattered throughput the town, where cultural and artistic exhibitions of great quality are presently on display.
  • Clearly has a Mediterranean gastronomy as the town shares recipes, ingredients, gastronomia de L'alfas del pi. Car Hirecrops, celebrations and traditions with other coastal areas. The Mediterranean diet, declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010.
  • Serra Gelada is a mountainous elevation that separates the bays of Benidorm and Altea.It is a unique space where culture and nature have coexisted for centuries bringing use on of the most spectacular landscapes of the Valencia Parque natural Serra Gelada. l'Alfas del pi. Car hireCommunity. The numerous and important environmental values it possesses have results in its protection as a nature space in 2005. As it is the first sea- land natural park in this community.
  • From it’s particular beach made of pebbles you can enjoy one of the most spectacular sights of the Alicante coast.
  • The Castillo Del Conde de Alfaz is the place for an unusual but superb entertainment with “medieval” knights giving a fantastic show of expert jousting and horsemanship. The castle is close to Alfaz Del Pi on the road towards Benidorm

Santa Pola a privileged place in Alicante

Santa Pola is a small touristic fishing village. It’s situated in a privileged place: Only at 17km from Alicante. Santa Pola is much more than sea.Museo de la pesca. Santa Pola. Car Hire

  • The Fortress, a military Renaissance style castle, was built in 1558. Nowadays, the Castle has become a Cultural Centre where different cultural, festive and religious activities take place. Inside the Castle you can find the MaritimeMuseum, the fishing Museum, the Duke of Arcos Bastion, the chapel “Virgen de Loreto” and the Municipal Exhibition hall.
  • PATIO OF ARMS: For centuries it has been the political and military life andpatio de armas. Santa Pola. Car Hire nowadays, it is one of the favourite meeting points of the local people.
  • FORTREES OF THE DUKE OF ARCOS: Making a total height of 12m.
  • CHAPEL OF VIRGIN OF LORETO: is situated in the fortress of the King and it is a religious secular space from the origins of the Fortress and it is also a place of tourist interest.
  • LOCAL GALLERIES: AS WITH THAT AT THE “Casa de la Cultura “host exhibitions of all kinds, photography, painting, culture and so on.
  • THE MARITIME MUSEUM: 3main topics; prehistory, the RomanPort and the Iberians.
  • THE SALTMUSEUM: located in an old salt mill, there you can discover the process for extracting salt.ACUArio, Santa Pola. Car Hire
  • THE AQUARIUM: Includes 9 large glass thanks containing flora and fauna from the Mediterranean Sea.
  • THE MASSAPÀ CISTERNS: were building in the century for Santa Pola’s water supply and are thanks which function is to keep drinking rainwater.puero de Santa Pola . Car Hire
  • THE PORT: Nowadays, it’s one of the most important Spanish ports in the Mediterranean Sea.
  • WATHTOWERS: are; “Torre Del Tamarit” in “Las Salinas” “Escaletes” in the mountains and “Atayola”.
  • THE LIGHTHOUSE: Located at the far eastern end of the Cape of Santa Pola.
  • THE MILL OF “LA CALERA”: The lime pit was used in the production of lime in the traditional way.
  • THE CIMAR: The Research Marine Centre.
  • These are some interesting celebrations:
  1. March: The Half Year celebration of the Moors and Christians takes place the first or second weekend in March.
  2. June: we celebrate the “Romería del cap” a pilgrimage to honour the “Virgen Del Rosario”.moros y cristianos, Santa Pola. Car Hire
  3. July: the 16th Santa Pola and especially sailors, verenate the “Virgen del Carmen- fishermen’s patron saint”.
  4. September: we celebrated Moors and Christians and festival in honour of the “Virgen del Loreto”
  5. December: Santa Pola commemorates the emotive the arrival of our lady of Loreto.