La Vila Joiosa a town full of colors

Blue, green, red, yellow, orange, violet… the whole chromatic range you may imagine is present at La Vila. As if it was an impressionist painting, the village is full of colors and joy at any moment of the year.

Located in the South eastern part of the Iberian Peninsula, the bright light smoothes the Vilajoiosa, casco antiguo. Car Hirerich façades of vivid colors fishermen used to paint, trying to distinguish them when they were working at the sea.

  • With beaches for everyone’s taste, of white sand or stones, coves and privileged places to enjoy everything visitors may wish. Beautiful sunsets take care of the sea, which is a source of life, food and events forplaya Vilajoiosa. Car Hire all the locals.
  • La Vila Joisosa owns a culture based both on the importance of its history (as proven by the recent archaeological excavations and its EthnographicMuseum or the rich examples of its fortress-churches of Levantine Gothic style or the wall in the old town) and the avant-garde of its new buildings. A never endings source of knowledge on its forefathers, from the Iberian tribes to nowadays with clear examples like the local police station or theMuralla de Vilajoiosa. Car Hire Auditorium. Close of them, the Finca La Barbera dels Aragonés, the military stonewall defending the old town from the Renaissance period, are singular constructions that never will disappoint visitors.
  • Where the ancestral cultural may be best seen is in the ArchaeologicalMuseum, containing pieces of large beauty and relevance.
  • Everything is transformed at the end of June, and becomes an indispensable element of pleasure: shows, parades, swords and scimitars, gauzes and tulle, cross and half moon and above all, the impressive Moorish”Desembarco“at daybreak enrich this memorable place.
  • With the brand name “La vila Gastronómica ” well consolidated at national level, thecaldero de vilajoiosa. Car Hire savoir faire of the professionals and the rich raw material – fish, seafood, vegetables and meat-give the village a unpaired richness in which the chocolate plays a predominant role, both within gastronomy  and the industry.
  • The Municipal Swimming Pool is also a good place for practicing sports, like swimming or aqua gym.
  • The sport premises of la Vila are the best proof that sports is a crucial activity andCampo de Rugby. Villajoiosa. Care Hire reaches a high level, like with the professional football or rugby teams or with internationally famous athletes like Marta Baldó or Maisa Lloret.