Restaurants in Alicante.Part1

Victor Restaurant – Alicante

R. Victor. Car Hire AlicanteWith over 25 years as a popular reference for gastronomy. In his spectacular bar can be tested over forty specialties.  Sandwiches, tapas and a good menu of rice, meat and fish make this “classic” Alicante.

Restaurant La Ereta – Alicante

The proposal of this attractive restaurant, overlookinR. ereta. Car Hire Alicanteg is a kitchen with a traditional base and local products, passed through the sieve of modernity and subtlety. With clearly recognizable flavours, Ereta offers two tasting menus that change, every two weeks for them to be made with seasonal produce.

Restaurante La Cantera – Alicante

A traditional restaurant Alicante, enjoys a splendid location at the edge of the sea with eight rooms where comfort and good service are your best guarantee.

Great ability to diners to share a pleasant evening, including the unique environment that you can enjoy in its two large terraces. Quality also in his cellar, which features a selection of over 3000 bottles with own barrels.

Restaurant L’Ambrossía – Alicante R. l'ambrosia. Car Hire Alicante

 With touches of signature cuisine that combines tradition and innovation. You can not leave without trying the house specialty, the now famous Eggs with Pil-Pil.

Their wine, a warm and friendly atmosphere and a delicious variety of tapas complete the offer of this downtown restaurant Alicante.

Antonio’s Corner Restaurant – Alicante

Typically Alicante and cheaply nestled in the picturesque Barrio de Santa Cruz de Alicante, tranquil terrace, framed by old houses that give a certain air ‘lifelong’.

You can eat tapas, and wash it down with a good stock of the Alicante area, as this home boasts a large variety of Alicante wines.

Reixes Tower Restaurant – Alicante R.torre reixes. Car Hire Alicante

Is located in a noble house of the old orchard of Alicante. The Tower Restaurant Reixes comes from the combination of the traditional Mediterranean diet with own distinctive touches of avant-garde cuisine.

The fresh products are the foundation of your kitchen. Your offer is based on a careful letter to detail and the highest quality; harmonizes its gastronomic tradition and creativity.

Restaurant Piripi – Alicante

R.piripi. Car Hire ALicanteThe Piripi Alicante restaurant is a great setting to enjoy some tasty dishes of the best cuisine. Located in central Alicante, Piripi is currently one of the best places for the city for its contemporary cuisine and made with care.

Traditional Mediterranean diet recipes made from the finest seasonal ingredients. Stresses the red shrimp, the “sepionets” in ink, and essential rice. Warm and welcoming atmosphere.