Restaurants in Alicante Province. Part2

Restaurant La Finca – Elche R.La Finca. Car Hire Alicante

La Finca, a benchmark of the current ilicitana kitchen by Jose Maria Garcia and Chef Susi Diaz, who already has two decades of experience.

The dishes prepared by Susi Diaz carefully and imaginations awaken,  the senses and make food in an unforgettable event. In a letter made with the best raw material seasonal, also have a fine selection of domestic and international wines.

Restaurant Magic Campico – Petrel R.Magic Campico. Car Hire Alicante

A magical restaurant with a different and very consistent with his proposal decor. Founded in 1963, it was renovated in 2005 to give the surprising aspect now presented. The atmospheres invite you into a world of sensciones that, undoubtedly, will not leave anyone indifferent. Their specialties range from the typical Mediterranean cuisine to making delicious meat and fish dishes, without forgetting the gazpacho manchego nutritious.

Restaurante Joël – Denia

 Recently opened.  A simple and extremely tasty modern cuisine. Dishes that have special notoriety seafood places where traditional flavours and the environment with imaginative details particularly successful merge.R.Joël - Denia. Car Hire Alicante

Sweet / savoury contrasts, bitter and spicy notes in addition to delicate textures, to achieve one of the best interpretations of traditional recipes in a contemporary key. A powerful symbol of the “third way” from an exciting prospect.

 Restaurant Los Balcones – VillenaR.Los Balcones. Car Hire Alicante

Is located in a rural setting of organic farming, in an old restored farmhouse of Villena. In a family atmosphere around the fireplace, or on the garden terrace, you can enjoy food and traditional, vegetarian and international dinners recognized for their quality Two Forks.

Weekend’s free vegetarian buffet, with abundant deals offered. In meat not fall short, as there are a range of 30 to 40 different dishes for all tastes.

 Xaloc Lounge Restaurant -  Muchavista – El Campello

Xaloc Lounge Restaurant is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a MediterrR. Xaloc Lounge. Car Hire Alicanteanean and international cuisine at the best price. Its privileged location by the sea, in the walk-joined Muchavista first treatment and a special atmosphere, make it a charming restaurant where you can enjoy rich Alicante rice, rice with lobster or stew.

 Vegetarian Quinoa – Elche

 In the restaurant you have a quiet and wide to enjoy R.quinoa. Car Hire Alicantevegetarian dishes prepared space.

In addition to your daily menu, they have a carte with appetizing dishes: Couscous with sautéed vegetables, rice band made with seaweed, cannelloni, lasagne and delicious homemade desserts.

Both for those who follow a diet ovolacto vegetarian to those without, Quinoa produces a healthy kitchen in which you will discover new flavours and products.