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Almoradí is a village situated in the south of the province of Alicante. It has early 20.000inhabitants.Is a modern constructions town of large streets and designed by Larramendi after the terrible earthquake of 1829 that devastated the majority of the part of the Vega Baja.animación en el mercado de Almoradí. Car Hire

  • Complementary to this weekly event  born the Lively Market, whereby programming every Saturday you can enjoy concerts, shows, commercial fairs, workshops, guided tours and all kinds of performances during the celebration of the market.
  • The gastronomy in Almoradi offers a wide range of quality and special dishes cooked with the best products of the orchard and the sea. It is certainly the greatest treasure of the city; many tropical dishes are made with its flagship product: the artichoke. You can taste it in a thousandCocido con pelotas different ways.

1. The Holy Week in Almoradi has a high value traditional culture and an important heritage that is revived and showed every year, from the Palm Sunday to the Resurrection Sunday with numerous events and processions.

2. Almoradi Fair, in Honour of Saint Abdon and Saint Senen desfile huertano.Almoradí. Car Hire(July 30th), is full of many traditional acts like “Bando de la huerta” or “desfile huertano”, the only one in the Alicante province.

3. After the Almoradi fiestas take place the Moors and Christians. Parades, embassies “desperta” and “kabilas and cuartelillos”  fill four days that “festeros” and visitors take to the streets of Almoradi during the night and day. 30th November they celebrate the “medio año festero” because of the patron Saint Andrew.

  • CULTURE ROUTE: Guided tour around the town, thought the most emblematic building of Almoradí (ST. Andrew’s Church, Cortes theatre and the C/ Spain Chapel), where you could learn the history of Almoradi at the same time discover come curious history about the city.hp photosmart 720
  • GREN ROUTES: Guided tours along traditional paths where you can enjoy the climate, the smells of the orchard, learn the traditional forms of cultivation and their products, and the flora and fauna of the area.
  • CHAPLES ROUTE: Guided tour through the chapels of the Easter Brotherhoods of Almoradi. In every chapel you could discover historical documents from each of the Brotherhood, and the various standards that been passed since its foundation, images, thrones…