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Alicante sports

Due to its great climate, Alicante is the perfect destination for visitors seeking to play outdoor sports such as golf, water sports, tennis etc… all year round. There is a wide selection of golf courses including the fine 18-hole courses Alicante golf, located igolf courses. Car Hire Alicanten San Juan Beach, and El Plantío, near Alicante airport. There are also another three 18-hole courses located very near to the city.

The wide range of sports facilities available in Alicante has enabled the city to host major sporting events:

  • Host city for the Euro Basket 2007qualifiers.
  • Base port for the 2002 and 2007 outings of the Tall Ships Race (previously The Cutty Sark).
  • Semi-final of the Davis Cup 2004.

 Alicante Golf was opened in 1998 in a ceremony led by Severiano Ballesteros. It is a 72-par course that includes six par-three holes, six par-four holes and six par-five holes, meaning that no two consecutive holes are played with the same par in any one round.

Aquanaut Diving Centre – Alicante:Centro de buceo Aquanaut - Car Hire Alicante

It is staffed by a professional team with extensive experience in the field of recreational diving company. In order to develop the diving as fashionable activity for all ages. In AQUANAUT have a facility with more than 180m2, located in Alicante New Fishing Dock. Designee and equipped with latest generation material and quality.

Specialist stores. A classroom equipped for lectures, seminars and symposia.  • Two complete costumes.  • charging station authorized with latest generation compressor.  • Storage area and drying of diving equipment.  • Area for rinsing equipment after each dive.  • Mooring area a few meters from the centre, which facilitates loading and unloading of equipment.  • Parking in front of the dive centre.Volvo Ocean Race. Car Hire Alicante

Thanks to the success of the start of the Volvo Ocean Race a worldwide regatta, in October 2008, it was confirmed that the city would be hosting the beginning of the next three editions of this important sailing competition, in the years 2011, 2014 and 2017.

 Bike ride with Critical Mass Alicante

Critical Mass is an open group that meets once a month, to take a bike ride through the city Alicante. The common goal is to claim the bicycle as a valid andMasa Crítica Alicante. Car Hire Alicante respected transport.

 ”Use the bike every day and celebrate it once a month.”

- October to March: first Saturday of each month at 12.00 h. Plaza de Toros.

 - April to September: first Friday of each month at 20.00 h. Plaza de Toros.