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traditional festivals in Alicante

Fiestas de San Nicolás de Bari in Alicante Fiestas de San Nicolás de Bari . Car Hire Alicante

The December 5 Alicante celebrates its patron saint San Nicolas de Bari. It does so in a very special way, with the blessing and presentation of children to their image in the Cathedral of Alicante. Another of the most important events of this festival are the morning of the 6th solemn Mass and the traditional procession with the image of the pattern of Alicante.

Alicante Carnival, enjoy

Every year you have a unique, fun and full of colour in the city of Alicante appointment. We refer to the Carnival or Carnestoltes celebrated with great enthusiasm in the whole province, flooding the streets with joy and festivity.Carnival. Car Hire Alicante

Carnivals of Alicante are characterized by a full week of music, costumes, pageants, parades, activities and workshops, festivals, exhibitions, mass participation of the people and the joy of the visitors. It’s a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the friendly atmosphere provided by this festival and also enjoy the cuisine and the attractions of the town.

 Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi

Arts, entertainment and much more at the fair of St. Cecilia

La Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi takes place from 16 to 18 November. Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi. Car Hire Alicante

Here’s the Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi, an ideal place to enjoy a great programming and also visit the city and learn about its food.

Every year in mid-November, the town of Ibi back to the middle Ages filling the streets of shows, music, theatre and crafts.

During the three-day festival will have a variety of activities for all ages. And that’s not all, you also have fun with a big musical parades, falconry shows, theatre, children’s workshops, demonstration of old crafts and amusement park.Feria de Santa Cecilia in Ibi. Car Hire Alicante

Medieval Marquet: The Plaça de la Palla. Located on the main streets of the historic centre of the city. It will find all kinds of craft stalls and handmade food.  During travel can enjoy a lively atmosphere accompanied by theatrical and musical performances.