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L’alacantí region: beautiful natural framework

The region of L’Alacantí consists of the lands near the province capital. It is mainly a flat coast area with some small mountains (Fontcalent, Bonalba and Mitjana). Sea and mountains meet in a beautiful natural framework.

  • Santa Barbara Castle is brimming with history. A mediaeval fortress for both the Christians and the moors.La isla de Nueva Tabarca. Car Hire
  • The island of Nueva Tabarca its beach and rocky coves are perfect for relaxing, swimming and even scuba diving.
  • The palm-fringed esplanade, La Explanada, is awash with wave of colourful tiles and is drenched in light reflected off the sea that bathes the city and the port.
  • The MARQ archaeology museum explores the history of these lands, right back to ancient times. Using avant-garde techniques to unveil the past, it ranks among the El museo arqueológico MARQ. L'Alacantí. Car Hirefinest museums in the world.
  • Deep in the bowels of Busot is a mysterious cave system- Las Cuevas de Canelobre- in which water has slowly solidified over the millennia into fantastical forms and otherworldly shadows.
  • San JuanBeach is notable for its length. A beautiful Moorish queen would bathe in the natural pools carved out of the rock.
  • Don’t miss Jijona, the home of traditional turrón or nougat. They’ve been making in the same way for centuries and they intend to keep doing so. And with almonds and honey from the very same sources as always.
  • Aigües at the foot of the Cabecó D’Or Mountain and Torremanzanas, nestling among the sierras, are archetypal landscapes of the interior, with their mountains clad in pine and herbs, dry stone terracing, valleys and dry land fields.
  • The potters skilled hands turn clay into jugs, pitchers’, pot and urns, each apparently identical but, in fact, unique.
  • In the winter the temperatures there can be so low that snow may fall and it can reach a remarkable level. In the summer there are significant contrasts between the warm sunshine hours and the chilly nights. Therefore, it is a climate ideal for the spread of forest vegetation as to pines, Holm oaks and bushes.