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Restaurants in Alicante. Part 3

Restaurant Villa Antonia San Juan de Alicante

*temp*Located in the village of San Juan de Alicante, this old house declared a Cultural houses the attractive restaurant Villa Antonia.

One of the main attractions of the restaurant is the restoration and maintenance of the house, keeping the original style of the early twentieth century. Different environments and exhibitions complete the decoration of this important proposal in San Juan de Alicante.

In summer its lovely gardens transform the restaurant into an attractive dining terrace enjoying the nice breeze and smells of the environment.

The cuisine is innovative and creative, but not excessive. Its menu Ginos balanced proposals with the Mediterranean cuisine. Among its specialties dishes like carpaccio marinated mushrooms with soft garlic cream and prawns, the cannelloni and avocado with Foie gelé lime and whiskey, melted Octopus with paprika aioli, or the exquisite boneless lamb shoulder geometry potato confit.

The wine lives up and boasts exquisite service.

Restaurant Wine and Laughter – Alicante

Wide variety of wines from different appellations ofR. Car Hire Alicante origin and an interesting menu with traditional dishes up the offer of this restaurant located in the district of Benalua.

Family atmosphere and music are the other components of the menu. In addition, wine tastings, dinner monologue pairing dinners … and more.

Some suggestions of the house are pie sausage, beef steak, potatoes with mushrooms, cod au gratin or a delicious rice crust.

Thursday night and Saturday lunchtime, cider you drink is free.

Restaurant Peccati di Gola – Alicante R.peccatidigola. Car Hire Alicante

The letter Peccati di Gola consists of a mixture of typical recipes different regions of Italy, you can taste different suggestions.

In Peccati di Gola dishes are cooked at the moment and all their stuffed pasta, tagliatelle him, gli gnocchi, pizza, bread and desserts are homemade.

Restaurante La Jarela – Alicante R. jarela. Car Hire Alicante

Provides the gastronomic enjoyment in a warm and friendly surroundings.

Its chef leads to a new perception of how you can enter the world of gastronomy with simplicity and quality.

His room and terrace offer us closeness, comfort and a special atmosphere. Lunches and dinners will become special moments

Restaurants in Alicante Province. Part2

Restaurant La Finca – Elche R.La Finca. Car Hire Alicante

La Finca, a benchmark of the current ilicitana kitchen by Jose Maria Garcia and Chef Susi Diaz, who already has two decades of experience.

The dishes prepared by Susi Diaz carefully and imaginations awaken,  the senses and make food in an unforgettable event. In a letter made with the best raw material seasonal, also have a fine selection of domestic and international wines.

Restaurant Magic Campico – Petrel R.Magic Campico. Car Hire Alicante

A magical restaurant with a different and very consistent with his proposal decor. Founded in 1963, it was renovated in 2005 to give the surprising aspect now presented. The atmospheres invite you into a world of sensciones that, undoubtedly, will not leave anyone indifferent. Their specialties range from the typical Mediterranean cuisine to making delicious meat and fish dishes, without forgetting the gazpacho manchego nutritious.

Restaurante Joël – Denia

 Recently opened.  A simple and extremely tasty modern cuisine. Dishes that have special notoriety seafood places where traditional flavours and the environment with imaginative details particularly successful merge.R.Joël - Denia. Car Hire Alicante

Sweet / savoury contrasts, bitter and spicy notes in addition to delicate textures, to achieve one of the best interpretations of traditional recipes in a contemporary key. A powerful symbol of the “third way” from an exciting prospect.

 Restaurant Los Balcones – VillenaR.Los Balcones. Car Hire Alicante

Is located in a rural setting of organic farming, in an old restored farmhouse of Villena. In a family atmosphere around the fireplace, or on the garden terrace, you can enjoy food and traditional, vegetarian and international dinners recognized for their quality Two Forks.

Weekend’s free vegetarian buffet, with abundant deals offered. In meat not fall short, as there are a range of 30 to 40 different dishes for all tastes.

 Xaloc Lounge Restaurant -  Muchavista – El Campello

Xaloc Lounge Restaurant is the ideal place to relax and enjoy a MediterrR. Xaloc Lounge. Car Hire Alicanteanean and international cuisine at the best price. Its privileged location by the sea, in the walk-joined Muchavista first treatment and a special atmosphere, make it a charming restaurant where you can enjoy rich Alicante rice, rice with lobster or stew.

 Vegetarian Quinoa – Elche

 In the restaurant you have a quiet and wide to enjoy R.quinoa. Car Hire Alicantevegetarian dishes prepared space.

In addition to your daily menu, they have a carte with appetizing dishes: Couscous with sautéed vegetables, rice band made with seaweed, cannelloni, lasagne and delicious homemade desserts.

Both for those who follow a diet ovolacto vegetarian to those without, Quinoa produces a healthy kitchen in which you will discover new flavours and products.

Restaurants in Alicante.Part1

Victor Restaurant – Alicante

R. Victor. Car Hire AlicanteWith over 25 years as a popular reference for gastronomy. In his spectacular bar can be tested over forty specialties.  Sandwiches, tapas and a good menu of rice, meat and fish make this “classic” Alicante.

Restaurant La Ereta – Alicante

The proposal of this attractive restaurant, overlookinR. ereta. Car Hire Alicanteg is a kitchen with a traditional base and local products, passed through the sieve of modernity and subtlety. With clearly recognizable flavours, Ereta offers two tasting menus that change, every two weeks for them to be made with seasonal produce.

Restaurante La Cantera – Alicante

A traditional restaurant Alicante, enjoys a splendid location at the edge of the sea with eight rooms where comfort and good service are your best guarantee.

Great ability to diners to share a pleasant evening, including the unique environment that you can enjoy in its two large terraces. Quality also in his cellar, which features a selection of over 3000 bottles with own barrels.

Restaurant L’Ambrossía – Alicante R. l'ambrosia. Car Hire Alicante

 With touches of signature cuisine that combines tradition and innovation. You can not leave without trying the house specialty, the now famous Eggs with Pil-Pil.

Their wine, a warm and friendly atmosphere and a delicious variety of tapas complete the offer of this downtown restaurant Alicante.

Antonio’s Corner Restaurant – Alicante

Typically Alicante and cheaply nestled in the picturesque Barrio de Santa Cruz de Alicante, tranquil terrace, framed by old houses that give a certain air ‘lifelong’.

You can eat tapas, and wash it down with a good stock of the Alicante area, as this home boasts a large variety of Alicante wines.

Reixes Tower Restaurant – Alicante R.torre reixes. Car Hire Alicante

Is located in a noble house of the old orchard of Alicante. The Tower Restaurant Reixes comes from the combination of the traditional Mediterranean diet with own distinctive touches of avant-garde cuisine.

The fresh products are the foundation of your kitchen. Your offer is based on a careful letter to detail and the highest quality; harmonizes its gastronomic tradition and creativity.

Restaurant Piripi – Alicante

R.piripi. Car Hire ALicanteThe Piripi Alicante restaurant is a great setting to enjoy some tasty dishes of the best cuisine. Located in central Alicante, Piripi is currently one of the best places for the city for its contemporary cuisine and made with care.

Traditional Mediterranean diet recipes made from the finest seasonal ingredients. Stresses the red shrimp, the “sepionets” in ink, and essential rice. Warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Alicante golden sand beach

Alicante offers 7 km of golden sand beach, a beautiful seafront esplanade ( Paseo de la Explanada ) with superb shops and restaurants.`

  • Other sites to see are the municipal museum, the Casa de la Asegurada. It is a 17th century building worthwhile seeing in itself and it contains a 20th century art casa asegurada. Alicante. Car Hirecollection including by artists like Gris, Miro and Picasso. In the Palace of the Provincial Council you will be able to appreciate the ProvincialArcheologicalMuseum, with a big selection of archeological remains from the Bronze Age, Iberian and Roman ceramics and Roman statues.
  • Do not miss out on the Museo de les Fogueres if you go to the Santa BarbaraCastle. Here you will see the magnificent papier Mache effigies which have been saved from the flames of the Fogueres fiestas. These works are true works of art and takes months to build to be burned to a cinder in one of the most spectacular fiestas every year.  It all culminates on theMuseo de les Fogueres. Alicante. Car hire 24th of June.
  • In Alicante on the Costa Blanca there are many parks, palmed gardens and walkways making it a nice place to visit.
  • The best place to go for nightlife in Alicante on the Costa Blanca in Spain is the old centre known as El Barrio. This area of Alicante is packed with bars beer cellars and pizza joints.
  • To reduce drink driving the authorities has invested in a train service during the night hours between the coastal towns of Costa Blanca. The service operates from 9 pm to 7am. The train service goes from Alicante via Playa San Juan, El Campello, Villajoyosa,Benidorm and Altea.
  • Alicante celebrates the coming of summer with the bonfires of San Juan. In a spectacular display of music, colour and fireworks, thousands of people throng the streets to experience this fiesta which pays tribute to fire.Moros y cristianos, Alicante. Car HIRE
  • But the fiesta is not over yet. From 25 to 29 June there is a fireworks competition on the El Postiguet beach, and the historic centre of the town comes alive with a medieval market and a range of shows.
  • Streets decked out like the Middle Ages, magnificent processions; exciting mock battles…This is the festival of Moors and Christians: days filled with magic, legend and spectacle. For over four centuries, this festival has recreated the historic clash between two cultures. Come and enjoy this unique festival in which thousands of people take part year after year, all trying to outshine each other in splendour and brilliance.