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Traditional festivities in Alicante

Just about every week a Fiesta will be happening in one of the city’s corners. Light, powder, fire, satire, tradition… Few cities can say they live “in fiesta”.

THE PILGRIMAGE OF THE HOLY VISAGE (SANTA FAZ): The parish of the Holy Face is a very attractive place that is only about 5 miles from Alicante. It belongs to the municipalities of San Juan de Alicante and Alicante. Two Thursdays after Holy Thursday.  The pilgrimage takes place during one day.LA PEREGRINACIÓN DE SANTA FAZ. Car Hire Alicante

Alicante remains empty during this day and leaves on a pilgrimage to the Holy Visage Monastery.

 Route: The procession starts from the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Alicante about eight o’clock in the morning. After about two hours of walking the path comes to an end.

Arrival at the Monastery: Monastery once reached is the ecclesiastical council and the Pilgrims queue and are entering slowly. There the celebration of a mass takes place.santa faz. Car Hire Alicante

We have one of the most important pilgrimages in the Community of Valencia. From early pilgrims begin to march dressed in comfortable clothes and the traditional canes carrying with him a bouquet of rosemary on one end.  Nevertheless, some have to keep their “promises” and walk barefoot the five km long distance. There is a feeling rooted in the tradition of Alicante, the veneration of the relic of the Holy of Christ, which   is kept in the Monastery. This area attracts visitors mainly for its religious and cultural interest. Tens of thousand of pilgrims gather whether it is cold or warm. Don’t miss out, at least once in your life, being a part of this collective pilgrimage.

HOLY WEEK: A full week of parades awaits you. A heritage matching any other you’ll find in Spain. Over all, there is a feeling that we carry something which is ours. From the palms of “Palm Sunday” to the encounter of Our Lady “of Joy ” witsant thurday.Car Hire Alicanteh the Resuscitated Christ. In between, be present at the ascent of the “Dark One”, the majestic descent from anta Cruz and the magnificent “Paso” of the “Last Supper”. There are more “brotherhoods” summing up twenty-seven and thousand of people on procession throughout the official itinerary .There is over fifty “pasos” of processions carrying floats or effigies. Whilst the city, once again, receives thousand of visitors who integrate in our city as if they were our lifelong neighbours and they always decide to come back…over and over again.