Exhibition in Alicante. Part1

 Creative Calendar Exhibition at the School of Art and Design in Alicante

 StudentsGraphicDesignSchool of Art and Design Alicante (EASDA), were responsibleCalendario de ferias. Car Hire  Alicante for opening the first exhibition of the year, with the work done since the subject of Graphic Design 3: Packaging. In it, they have made a creative schedule in 3D, based on concepts such as key dates, weather or habits and customs of each month.

 Exposure Nothing M ª Dolores Mullah in Fish Market

The series of exhibitions “last Art. 21 days” that develops in the municipal hall of the Fish focuses on the recent work of Maria Dolores Mullah.Exposición Nada. Car Hire Alicante

The exhibition shows works on canvas and cotton thread, plus installations, video and pictures.  Exposure titled The Nothing, which means something like a full stop to start again with more verve, according to the author.

The exhibition will last until February 2

 Photographic Exhibition Canícula, Cheo Díez, Fnac Boulevard in Alicante

” Cheo Díez (Sevilla 1968) portrays a difficult decision,  theme rExposición fotográfica. Car Hire ALicanteepresented by photographs, with a condensed visual language, where a light and heat that suffocates us to see reflected.

Cheo speaks through your photos. While observing, we need a little stroll under the blinding light and searing heat, that your pictures because we explain to perfection. There is little more to tell.

 Exhibition Between heaven and earth. Landscapes in the MUA collection

The Museum of the University of Alicante has among its main objectives to study and disseminate the art funds that account. That is why since 2005 have conducted more than a dozen exhibitions in which the collection is reinterpreted from technical teaching thematic criteria, materials.R. Xaloc Lounge. Car Hire Alicante

Exhibition proposal for 2014 have been selected twenty works, taking as reference the landscape and emphasizing, the diversity of languages with which they have approached the artists in the collection of the nature and the city.

They are works ranging from classic landscape, abstraction and formal research more determined, in the most vibrant and light industrial and decaying cityscape nature of the representation of the stars and the cosmos to the tracks atmospheric phenomena, leave at ground level, the conceptual translation of the city’s self-portrait to landscape as emotions and feelings. A compendium of worldviews where creators share their gaze with the viewer through the painting, printmaking, collage, photography or video.